Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Ooh La La
Acrylic on 22" x 30" paper

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I am an artist. That wasn't something that I could always say with certainty. It's taken many years of painting to arrive to that point. Oh sure, there was always that still small voice within that nudged me and told me that art was my gift. But until I stepped out in faith and began practicing, I could not know. So, what's this post about. It's about being certain and then again, not certain.

On the other hand painting doesn't always carry the same amount of certainty. There are many times when I feel uncertain, doubtful of the piece that I am working on.  I believe that it is the artist in me that always sees things will all work out, viewpoint.  This is essential when your going through that stage of a painting  that most referred to as "the ugly stage".  Just keep going.

A bit on this title. My husband is the title person.  Now and then I come up with one and when I do I like getting credit for it! When I showed him the image of this painting for title ideas, his immediate response was ooh la la. ....and I said, "that's it"!  So, there you have it.


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