Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Abstract Expressionistic Painting "Elation" by Contemporary Artist Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 24" x 24" x 1.5" gallery wrap canvas

Fresh off the easel!  ….and the last of these size canvases. I'm needing to order more canvases, but having a dilemma with which sizes to order.  I love working on so many different sizes.  This size is handy in that it can easily be taken off the easel and turned on a table.  With each turn there is a fresh perspective which helps in creating balance.  On the other hand, the large canvases have a lot more space to play in.  The smallest are actually the hardest and take the longest for me.  So, I'll scratch those off the list for now.  

Anyway, I can wait a bit longer on that decision. However I can not on the bubble wrap.  I sold a painting this week! yay!…and used the last of it for packaging.  This has got to be done soon…like today. We buy a super large roll here locally, which requires a trip with the truck.  The roll is so large that we can not get in through any of our doorways!  It has to be rolled out in the driveway where it is cut in half and roll up into two rolls for storage.  Something, that we do about once a year and we usually get it done before running out.  We still have some cardboard left, so that can wait for another few boxes to be made.  So, as you can see there is more going on behind the scenes than just painting.  Working on catching up!  

This painting along with a full portfolio of available works can be viewed in my web gallery by clicking: HERE

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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