Tuesday, April 15, 2014

climb every mountain.

Acrylic on 48" x 48" x 1.5" wrap canvas

I was having lunch with a couple of friends of mine last week when the title for this painting came to me.  I work intuitively and began this one with purple. Why purple? Well, it was the first color that came to my mind as I began. That led to the next color(s)/idea(s) and from their the painting began to emerge.  I'll have to admit working with the purples and green felt a bit unusual for me and really wasn't all that sure about it.  But, I do feel it is important to allow and follow each paintings flow and uniqueness. So, what does lunch have to do with this?

My friend Emily had taken off on a trail and is talking about a trip to Peru.  She is describing how BEAUTIFUL the Andes Mountains that run through Peru are with all the purples and greens.  I'm visualizing this scene that she is describing when instantly this painting that I had been working comes to my mind.  I interrupt (artist friends are use to these interruptions in conversations with each other as ideas are being tossed around) to show her a picture from that mornings painting on instagram. Which then leads us into a conversation about instagram…see how artist's converse with each other! It's like talking in circles, but amazingly much is accomplished.

Longstory short, later I googled for information and images of the Peruvian Andes Mountains and saw those colors that she was talking about. I then began seeing this painting in a different light and imagining. It is now hanging on one side of our living room wall, against a cafe colored wall.  Very striking and enjoying it much, well until one day.  The title comes from Alpamayo one of the highest peaks in the chain close to the Alpamuyu river. Can't be afraid of pink either for this one!

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Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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