Saturday, February 8, 2014


Guess the last post got me to thinking about encouragers and how I have been inspired by those around me along the way. That along with just feeling like I REALLY want to try some new things on my blog is what this post is about.   This little painting is back from 2009 and at that time I did not change those image numbers to a title. So, don't remember the tittle to this small collage. 2009  is when I photographed  this piece. I really think it was actually painted  from a  few years before that  Probably about an 8" x 10" on watercolor paper, watercolor collage that has since then sold.

I wanted to find one of my first abstracts and this is it.  This was done with watercolors and stencils.  They were really a lot of fun and you might want to try it.  At this point, I had no idea I would one day become an abstract painter.  I was painting realistically with watercolors.  So here is the very beginningof the abstract track.  I would cut out shapes from the watercolor paper and place them on my painting surface. Then I would paint around these shapes with a the lightest layer of color.  When dry, I would then place those shapes on another area of the paper, overlapping existing color with another layer of watercolor. Paint over that… and continue on with that process. Darkest colors last. It was just fun using your imagination to find beauty in color, lines, shapes, textures.  Last thing, I would do was find a way to take the actual stencil pieces and work them into the piece. In this posted piece, you can find them glued to the the bottom of the piece. Can you see them?

Like I said, these were just for fun.  At the time, I was still working as a teacher.  My very first encouraging person was an absolutely wonderful person, mentor to me and artist, whom I love very much name Emily Frost.  We would meet now and then, kinda like art club and share art that we were working on.  Emily would just go on and on about my abstract pieces. Guess what…I would go home from her studio place and crank out some more pieces.  Each time we met, again she would take a  look at my new work…go on and on about it……I was like really, you think these are good. Lifted, I would go home to create more art.  Unknowingly, a seed was planted. 

She was and still is an encourager to me..we still meet, but now it's more like once or twice a year.  I linked her name to where you can view her work.  In case you missed it. here it is again.   She has quite the collection of found objects which she would use in creating these 3-D pieces. Presently, she is transitioning to working in a different medium.  AND  recently, I learned she will be moving to Texas.  Not only an encourager, but a very talented fine artist herself.  Thank goodness for the internet as that will be how we will meet to encourage one another.  Or perhaps a trip or two to Texas!  Find and surround yourself with encouragers, they bring life and inspiration.  Next weekend, I'll share with you another person who was instrumental in finding the artist within. 

My current body of abstract paintings can be viewed and purchased from this site: HERE 

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist


lnz said...

I really liked this post. I thought the piece on top was new! I love how you tell the story of how you got started doing abstracts and particularly on this very first piece you've shown. I'm new to abstracts just this year. I never realized they'd be harder than any other kind of painting but I am definitely drawn to the journey each one takes you on. I definitely agree that we all need encouragers in our life especially when it comes to art that can be so subjective. I've been following you for a few months now and really am inspired by your work.
Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Awe..thank you! It's true, abstracts are harder than they appear. Good composition is important. Thank you for sharing. Happy to hear I'm encouraging some one else. Keep creating!

Karenliz said...

Loved this post! It's nice to see your first piece. I love when artists share thier stories on how they started especially when its encouraged by others. I love abstracts. After two years I only have one piece I love and stencils were used. Thank you for sharing your story.