Thursday, January 30, 2014


Acrylic on 12" x 12" panel board
Ready to frame
To purchase click: here

Day THIRTY of the "30 paintings in 30 days"…. Celebrate! It's been a busy, busy month.    One in which has pushed me more in different directions.  The figurative abstracts were a challenge in themselves, but one in which I discovered I had a knack for….and truly enjoyed painting them.  Another one of my discovery is what it takes to blog every day. It doesn't seem like much but you gotta make sure photographs are ready to go, listing the painting in the web gallery, writing something, links, etc.,  I often thought of my daughters who post several times a day on A Beautiful Mess.  My hat is off to you!  Thank you to all of you who hung in there read and commented this month, much appreciated.

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Elizabeth Chapman

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