Wednesday, November 6, 2013

more fall colors

Acrylic on 19"H x 24"W heavy watercolor paper
Ready to frame

Rich with layers of color and texture on heavy watercolor paper.  I've noticed that even though I am still working with the same medium (acrylics) it seems that lately I've been more willing to try new things, take that last step risk or even just let it be when I'm painting on paper.  Less expectations? Maybe so.  The paper that I'm working on is a heavy (156lb) Arches watercolor paper  that I purchased in a large roll earlier this year.  I love that I can cut paper off  what ever size and will usually get 2-3 pieces out of that.  The paper is then soaked in the bath tub and then transferred to my painted drafting table.  Usually I will begin freeform with watercolor paints and a water soluble pencil.  These are the first marks from which the flow of the painting will come.  I can only take the painting to a certain point on the wet paper and then have to leave the paper to dry.  This gives me time to get a fresh perspective on the piece and I can also start a few other paper paintings at the same time.  When dry, I will come back and begin layering with the acrylics.....and playing between all the pieces.

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Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Painting


Donna Holdsworth said...

I LOVE this piece Elizabeth! The colors are just beautiful!

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thank you!