Thursday, April 25, 2013

expressions on paper.....

Mixed media on 22"H x 30"W on heavy (150lb) Arches paper
Ready to frame


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A gesturally pencil drawing was the beginning of this painting.  I pulled out my palette with watercolors and began playing and layering various colors.  There is only so much watercolor paint that you can put on paper before having to back off and let it dry.  The thickness or weight of the paper has a lot to do with how much water it will absorb.  Working through several sessions I layered colors and that was my only intent....until....I thought of that beautiful light ultramarine acrylic color that I so love.  There was also gesso layered in-between and more acrylics on top.

Reminds me a lot of a painting that I did several months ago as a commission titled "Sister Style"
which was a request from an earlier painting "Spree".   I was not at all thinking of these as I began and never thought about them until it was nearly done, but there is definitely a similarity. "Mien" will have to be framed.  The two horizontal edges are deckled, which I personally like the raw look.  If I where framing it, I would not matt it. But would have it fused to a back board as to be able to see the edges.  Something else about this paper that I like is that it shows the Arches stamp in the bottom right hand corner.  Use the zoom feature in my Web Gallery to get a close-up of the details.

Unique style!

Lots of fun in switching out and trying various different materials.  Even though it does have a similar re-sembalance to two earlier paintings, it still has it's own story to tell.

Wouldn't you say?!

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Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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Bren Thebeau said...

wonderful translucent quality to this piece, great stuff!