Saturday, February 2, 2013

Commissioned Palette Knife Painting, "Summer Splay" by Elizabeth Chapman

'Summer Splay'
Acrylic on 48" x 48" x 1.5" wrap canvas
Commissioned Painting

Mixing and Merging...... of color  begins on the canvas itself.  I love painting these that I refer to  as my palette knife paintings.  There is no pre-mixing of color and planning as it all occurs on the canvas itself.  It's beautiful watching the colors that are created as they mix and merge into each other.  Now with that said, I must say that there was a plan to this one as it was a commissioned painting in which the request was that it look like a previous painting of mine 'Indian Summer',( post from 2009 on what to do when discouraged)  only much larger.  So, I did lay out a basic sketch of the composition and color scheme on the canvas beforehand.  However, that very first painting was created in the summer time with a hint of fall in the air without any preconceived ideas, working intuitively with one color leading to the next.

With each new painting there is something to be learned.  To be honest re-creating from a previous painting of mine takes some of the excitement, anticipation and inspiration away as I pretty much know what the outcome will be.  For my inspiration, (besides the fact of being paid) my thoughts were centered around this family and the enjoyment they were going to receive, how it would speak to each member of the family, what it would mean to them, etc.,,  There were many problems with obtaining a good image of this painting because of the reds in it.  Red is always difficult to photograph. This time it seemed much worse as we tried many, many, many different times of the day.   The reds where all blurred into one and not showing the various value tones. Having a good representation was so very important as they needed to see it as close to possible to the real painting in order to approve the work. This time I just decided to google problems with photographing red....and found to my delight, my answer.  Various camera models will photograph reds differently. Duh.  I have been using a new camera that I purchased in order to have higher resolutions pic.  Switching off to my old camera solved the mystery.  Guess what I will be using to photograph paintings with a lot of red in them from now on?!

This image of "Summer Splay" was seen and approved (LOVED) by the new owners of the new painting.  However, they have not seen it in real, yet! as it is presently on it's way.  

Awaiting in anticipation their response of the real work!!

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Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist


Sea Dean said...

I'm really curious what the make and model of your "old" camera is. I have so much trouble photographing my work and find it very difficult to represent my bright palette accurately.

Elizabeth Chapman said...

It's a Canon Rebel XTi EOS Digital and the new camera I've been using is a Sony Exmar R 18.2 Mega Pixels and has been working nicely, except for the reds!!

Bren said...

Interesting info about the cameras, it's good that you've got both types to work with!
Love this new work, and can only imagine how much more beautiful in person.