Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Amor Mio


Amor Mio
30 x 40 x 1.5 canvas


This painting was recently completed as an anniversary present!! From him to her! For me, it's for sure working on a more neutral palette. I enjoy doing these as well. Lots of layering and mark making.  I'm more than happy to create a customized painting for you as well. Just let me know!


virginia143 said...

i really love this masterpiece. i would like to have this in my room. thanks for sharing.

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Johnny McNeil said...

i like your work. keep it up.

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danny miller said...

i would definitely love to have this art on my room. thanks a lot for sharing this.

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shine cruz said...

this is truly a masterpiece. thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.

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Clarence Pedersen said...

Great share.
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Sherrie Tibbs said...

Is that an abstract painting?
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Michael Yamada said...

I like this kind of painting.
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Hugo Cannon said...

Reminds me of something.
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Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thank you all for your comments!!

Celia Ford said...

i really like you art. keep it up.

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Nicholas Waldo said...

Looks cool.
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colins143 said...

a very good example of an excellent piece of art. please keep on posting more!:)

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micluke143 said...

i'd love to have this piece of art on the wall of my room!, interesting piece of artwork.:)

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Amy Palomo said...

Do more artworks.
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rinabos143 said...

what a nice artwork. thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful blog.

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edsmith143 said...

what a great masterpiece. very stunning work of art. please make another post like this :)

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