Sunday, March 4, 2018

Abstract Painting "LOVE" by Elizabeth Chapman


Acrylic on 30 x 40 inch canvas


The first of my paintings to be titled LOVE. There's been, Everlasting Love, Much Love, Shades of Love, Crazy Love, First Love, Young Love, Love Gush, More Love, Love Flow and Love Burst. That is a lot of Love! This one was titled intentionally plain LOVE, as in the source of all loves. While working on this painting I began to mediate on the beauty of green life that is found in nature in many forms. In the end, it came down to green pastures.

As a farmer's daughter, I can tell you that after a long winter a green pasture was a welcomed time of relief. A happy time. Rest for the farmer from the daily distribution of hay and to the cattle a time of feasting! A green pasture is a place of plentiful, rest, comfort, refreshment, peace, contentment, freedom and security. The farmer out of an act of love cares for his animals.  
In time, the cattle will need to be rounded up and rotated from one green pasture to the next.  The gate is the means and the only way by which they are able to be moved in and out. Sounds like a great place to be doesn't it?! We also have a means to which we can go in and out of green pastures provided to us through LOVE. John 10:9

"It brings me great joy, just to be the brush in the Master Painter's hand and to realize that His creations are made to bring great joy to all. My paintings are a form of song, dance and praise in response to the beauty of life.  Elizabeth

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