Tuesday, January 2, 2018

ABSTRACT PAINTING "Forever White" by Elizabeth Chapman

Forever White
Acrylic on 30" x 40" canvas


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Happy New Year!!


For much of 2017 I struggled with painter's block.  I knew,  just as I know when I begin a painting that it's simply a part of the process of creating that an artist will have occur.  A painting goes through many stages, struggles, frustrations before you reach that moment where it sings, I'm done. I'm beautiful.  A creative block is much the same way only it's like the artist is the canvas that is being worked on. For the artist it's a matter of recognizing, embracing and working through it knowing that it's a part of growing. There are stages, struggles and frustrations to experience believing all along that it will work out.  

And it is. Inspiration struck with the idea of challenging myself to a year of using one color from the color wheel for each month of the year. The chosen color is to be used MOSTLY, making it the star of the show. Other colors plus black and white can be used but 'the one' stays in charge. The more I tossed the idea around the more excited I became about it. YES! January being the first month of the year will be welcomed by yellow. Pure yellow to brighten, warm and energize this mostly cold month in the Ozarks.

So why, the title 'Forever White' with a painting that is mostly yellow? Well. It's about hope. I like that it goes along with a new year. Whoever you are and where ever you've been we can begin a new.  The future is white. Forever White.

 Feel free to join me making up your own rules/level of commitment or follow me on Instagram, elizabethchapman77  for each months color inspirations.

Thanks for viewing!!