Thursday, December 29, 2016


Auspicious 40" x 40" canvas. Acrylic 
Available for purchase.

One of the first things to learn as an artist working independently is presentation. For me, that took some work and honestly, still needing to work on it. Photographing your paintings so that they are the very best representation of the real thing is SO important.

  • Online sales is very dependent upon a good representation as the client is going to make a decision upon what they see on their screens. It also needs to be as close to the actual painting as possible. This is important because they ought to be able to receive what they are expecting. I often hear how much better the painting looks in real and feel this is better than the other way.
  • A good camera and lighting is a must. I am now using a  Canon EOS6D. I began with a Canon Rebel. I have learned how to photograph outside in order to take advantage of natural lighting. There are spots that I use and certain times of day with various weather conditions, which change with the seasons that I have found to work well for me.

Auspicious in a setting.
(lighting on this one was difficult as it was late in the day, indoors)

  • Because I sell the majority of my work online, I don't always have the opportunity to photograph paintings in various settings.  Now and then I'll have a client send me a photograph of their newly acquired painting in it's space. I did once use a program where the paintings are plugged into a setting, but honestly was not happy with that appearance. I like the real thing.
  • This painting was taken at Vivo's in Springfield, Mo where I have recently hung eight of my abstracts and had the opportunity to photograph this one on a real wall with couch.
  • Part of what I do working as an independent artist as being able to know how my work affects others. This painting seemed to be exactly what they needed for their entrance which blessed my heart knowing that it would work so well for them.
  • Love it! ....and if you do, "Auspicious" is still available for purchasing!!

Freedom 40" x 40" acrylic on canvas. Available.

  • Here's another one. "Freedom" was created this last summer of 2016. The above image is the one that is shown online for listing purposes.  It's a much better image than the one shown below as the way the sun was coming in and causing a glare on the top right hand side.
  • But, in real it was/is the perfect spot for it. It was amazing to me how well it looked on this wall that has an industrial type of feel.

Freedom shown on wall at Vivo's.

I know that I need to work more on the presentation of my work. It is truly amazing how much more interest the same painting will stir up when it is photographed in a setting. This is all a part of being an artist AND salesperson for your own work.

Much rather be painting! just haven't found someone who will do the presentation part for me! ha, ha....elizabeth

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