Sunday, November 20, 2016

give thanks...

La Bella
Acrylic on 24" x 36" canvas


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More abstracts can be viewed: HERE

I haven't been posting these paintings in the order that I have been completing them. This is my latest, that was actually created as a test run for a very large commissioned triptych painting that I will begin working on soon. The requested color scheme is to be much like a previous one, Emotive. The colors are rich, reminding me much like those in the midwestern Fall. Therefore, I thought it would make a nice painting to post for this week with our US holiday, Thanksgiving. It has actually become my favorite holiday. I love that it brings our family, friends and nation together for a day of remembering and publicly giving thanks to God for ALL that he so graciously provides.  I can remember when it was much more of commercialized holiday than it is today and that is another thing that I love about it. All the commercialism can so easily draw our focus and hearts away from the Creator. 

Remember to take sometime to be thankful, not just for Thanksgiving (US) but every day of the year. 

Hope you have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving!!.....Elizabeth

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