Friday, March 18, 2016

Figurative Abstract Painting "Adorn" by Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 10" x 10" canvas


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I worked on another commission for a figurative abstract this last week.  I will admit these always make me a little nervous. Then again, that can be a good thing right? A good challenge.  Not that the large abstracts aren't, is just that with these I feel the expectations of those who have entrusted me to create a cherished piece.  

I have been developing a process of approach that is consistent and works for me. It begins with getting acquainted with my subject by drawing directly on the canvas. Then I will block in the negative space adjusting and correcting any drawing problems. Next, I will move in to the subjects(s) and begin finding and painting flesh tones. I'll need to break and leave it for awhile. When I come back I am able to continue with a back and forth flow between background and subject. The last step is the very hardest. At this point, I have gotten to know my subject(s) and it's time to be willing to take a risk. It's the giving of life.  Brushstrokes and colors are boldly and confidently placed. Hopefully, it's all worked out and I can send an image to the client for approval.  Lastly, is the celebration stage... and I can sit back and enjoy the work!! Hope you do too!

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Elizabeth Chapman
Modern Abstract Artist 

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