Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beach Time with "Oceana" Modern Expressionistic ORIGINAL Abstract Painting by Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 30" x 30" x 1.5" canvas
Ready to hang


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That's right this one is just coming down from the easel. Phew! It was one of those that I began but then came back to a few weeks later to resolve.  This is not always something that I like to do it, as I find that it is much easier to make daring decisions when I stick to one painting at a time. But, that can be stressful too. Wait a minute, don't they say painting is suppose to be relaxing? True, it can be. For the most part though, there are so many ideas, decisions, frustrations, etc., to work through that it can leave a person drained.

There were a lot of frustrations as I worked to find my place with this one. Once there, it was just plain fun!  I pretty much have an awareness of the whole piece as I am working myself through various parts. Totally, thinking color, lines and shapes. Not really thinking about if it looks like anything. The important part to me is in finding each paintings own unique groove.

When I finally reached that point in which I had a feeling of completion, I stood back to look at the painting from a distance.  It was so much visual fun imagining a beach scene with piers sticking out of the water.  The bottom half being the sandy beach and you can even see a little snack shack to the left. Plenty more to see if you just imagine for yourself! That's what I love about abstracts!

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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