Tuesday, April 9, 2013

interconnections of COLOR......

Acrylic on 12" x 12" heavy (140lb.) paper
Ready to frame

To purchase contact me at: elizabethchapman@artlover.com

or may be purchased via PayPal directly from my Web Gallery: HERE

Color...just gotta love it!.... and I do, obviously.  I try, to create more neutral works but in the end color continues to win.  It's bright, cheerful, optimistic and has been given to us for our enjoyment.  Don't believe me...just take a look outside right now as all the colors of renewal are emerging.  Always love those first greens in the Spring time....there the lightest, brightest that will be seen all year.  This morning as we were walking out to work in the garden there were the purple crocuses blooming.  There is more light in a day now affecting color. Sunsets can be enjoyed while sitting outside in the evenings.  Take time to get out...enjoy, and be thankful for all the beautiful colors given to us!  

More colorful abstracts can seen HERE!

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist


Shutterbugg said...

Love your work, very inspiring!


Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thank you, Shutterbugg!!