Thursday, July 12, 2012


'Flux Flow'
Acrylic on 16" x 20" canvas


How wonderful and encouraging to check your Email and see a sales notification!  Makes my day and makes me just want to JUMP in their and paint another one!!  True, part of the excitement is based on the earning of an income.  But, the fact that someone has enjoyed my work SO MUCH that they are willing to spend their hard earned money to own an original painting is humbling, an encouragement and a joy to me. I am always very thankful!!!

This is Flux Flow, which I posted back in May.  It was painted in a fun, playful manner...can you tell?!  You can read that original post here.   Feeling encouraged and inspired!  Just started an other one this morning in which I've been inspired by a scarf that I recently acquired.  Taking pictures and hope to post about inspiration and "being inspired" in another "work in progress."  

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 Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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Bren said...

Congrats girl! A sale always encourages and keeps the creative juices flowing, and you said it well, it's humbling and exciting all rolled into one for me too :-)