Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Art Show at the Waverly House..."Triumph" and "Fly Away"

These are two of my student's work that were entered in a juried show at the Waverly House here in Springfield, Mo.  Jenna's (age 13) piece "Triumph"(top left) won Best of Show! and Allison's (age 11) piece "Fly Away" won Juror's choice!!  The paintings are photographed with the art supplies they won.  It has been an honor and a privilege to work with these two sisters for the past three years.  When we first began with the lessons, Jenna was into realism and Allison  the younger sister was the abstract artist.   
Jenna is still into realism and very talented, but has also now taken an interest in the abstract realm.  "Triumph" was a painting that she had to push herself through, as there were many stages in which she was not satisfied... so I encouraged her to keep on until she was.  ....and she did with the results being a very beautiful abstract!  I began working with Allison in the abstract realm because that was her interest.  At the time she did not want to have anything to do with realism.  After a year of lessons I encouraged her to try some realism.  We began with drawing from a photograph with pencil and paper.  I talked to her about how simple it is once you realize that it is all about observing relationships between lines, shapes and spaces.  I will never forget the moment that she caught on to all this as she was so excited and went on and on about how she loved drawing realistically!  Her painting "Fly Away" is a merging of her abstract side and newly found realistic side.   As you can imagine...I am very proud of them....way to go girls!!

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Bren said...

Congratulations to these two talented artists. Their pieces are beautiful and I love that they each won with a composition that was not their initial area of interest. Way to go girls!