Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Edifice, Modern Art, Contemporary Original Abstract Painting, Missouri Artist Elizabeth Chapman


Acrylic on 7" x 7"  300lb. paper
May be purchased from my Web Gallery, here

Click on image for close up.

I've been working on a large commissioned painting (36" x 48") and can't wait to share it with you.  Once I get it photographed I will send the image to the client for any final adjustments and then....  I thought about photographing it as I went through the various stages, but then that thought made me feel as if I was being watched.  I guess I'm a secret painter! Perhaps one of these days I'll get up the nerve and do a video?!  Anyway there is a beautiful story that goes with it and I really can't wait to share it.  The title of the painting was picked out by the client "Salvation"before it was even begun.  So...there's a little preview!

These little ones ("Edifice" is posted today)  are wonderful exercises for me on composition.  I've been going back and revisiting some of the older small paintings that just quite didn't make it.  They are wonderful repaints for the texture that is already there.  Sometimes parts of them are saved through and sometimes they become a total remake.  At any rate, the older painting becomes a reference point to begin with and the new painting would never be what it is without this older part.  Also, I've been needing to work on building my smaller painting inventory.  This type of a painting is on 300lb. Arches acid free paper and is finalized with a coat of varnish.  They can be framed without matting and do not require being placed under glass.   A collection of them on a wall would look really cool or they would make wonderful gifts for those you love!

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Bren said...

Would love to see you in action, I do hope you make that video one day soon. And can't wait to see the new, large piece you're working on, I have to say it's amazing to see peoples process as they develop a piece.
Remixes are such great fun, it's like they are finding the fullness of their life as they morph into something more. Love this remix of yours.