Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Three Roses, Modern Art, Contemporary Expressionistic Abstract Painting, Original, Florals, Elizabeth Chapman

"Three Roses"
Acrylic on 16" x 20" x 3/4" canvas
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A Beautiful Mess!! ..... did you ever hear your art teacher use the term a "happy accident".... well this is a real good example of one.  I had gone into my studio late in the evening just to tidy up a bit and had picked up a jar of Quinacridone Red by it's lid.  Well, the lid was not on good enough and I ended up spilling nearly a third of this full jar on the table.  My first thought as I watched the paint beginning to spread out on the table, was oh no these paints are way to expensive.  Then I quickly grabbed some paper near by and scooped up paint to put back into the jar.  Even at this there was still a large puddle that I knew I was not going to be able to recover.  So....I quickly reach for a canvas that I had recently gessoed with black and used it to salvage the rest of the paint.  The first stroke was on the canvas....

From here I had no idea, just knew I needed to do something so I began using a circular motion with a brush in the red.  Grabbed a palette knife and started working with some greens.  Still not knowing, but believing something would begin to emerge continued on.  Started adding some yellows and pinks to the red when it was at this point that I saw the roses emerging.  Yea, I'm feeling relieved as I now feel sure I will get a painting out of this mess.....and it will be beautiful!

So what about a title? finish the story my husband (as most of you know who have followed my blog, titles my work) walks in my studio and sees the new painting on the easel.  He says..."it's beautiful, three roses" and leaves.  A few minutes later he comes back to show me this YouTube clip of a band from the 70's "America", and a song they wrote titled "Three Roses".  It was perfect. If you care to listen to it the link is here. 

If your interested in this painting it can now be purchased through PayPal by clicking on the Florals tab at the top.  This is something new that I am trying with linking some of the available paintings to my blog.  To see more of my colorful abstracts click on the link below:


Pat said...

Elizabeth, that is a great story! And a beautiful painting too. I love the idea of making something beautiful from an accident.

Bren said...

Love this, love how you took an accident and turned it into something beautiful, theres a life lesson in there!

Art Epicurean said...

Yes, a beautiful accident Elizabeth! Love the soft power of the strokes, the color and the subject! Very nice.