Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adora, Modern Abstract, Contemporary Expressionistic Art, Original, by Elizabeth Chapman


Acrylic on 24" x 48" x 1.5" canvas

"Adora" just found a home to a couple in Kansas where it will hang in their formal dining room above the piano.  Thank you!!

Click on image to see close up.

Why do I paint?  I will confess there are days when I feel as if maybe I should just give it up.  Discouragement comes in many different forms, but then I find myself in the studio painting again!  
So, at the end of the day I say that I paint because I love it.  I love the whole creative process of playing, experimenting and I love color!  It is my passion, my expression, my gift and I am thankful.

Where do all these paintings go?  Fortunately many of them have sold.  Presently, some of them are being shown here in Springfield, Mo. at Obelisk Home, the premier showcase gallery and then a few of them are at home.  It has been interesting over the years to see how and when each one finds it's place.  One thing I have learned is to have faith.  I am not always sure when I am painting where the work will go or who will purchase it or even if it will ever be owned by an other,  but I can't think about this while working.  You have to follow your heart as you create and trust that it will serve it's purpose in time. 
Of course, I would like for my paintings to sell fresh off the easel!  What artist wouldn't?!

This morning I just had to smile as I read a promotional email for a local event that I have submitted three  of my older paintings to "Tropical Roots", "Deep" and "Fiesta".  I smiled because these paintings that I've had for a couple of years have just now found their place.  Here is a link to that event if you would like to see it:  Art for Haiti. 

.....and perhaps another reason is so that others can simply enjoy.  


Bren said...

great post Elizabeth you keep it real which is so encouraging. Art finding it's home, that's what we all long for, in the meantime it's home is within us..

Earthtone Studios said...

I really enjoy your art and confess that aspire to be a quality painter like you some day. I saw your recent piece on the abstract email and felt led to come here and leave a comment. Just read your blog post and these are perfect words for me today. Thank you for sharing your love for painting.