Monday, May 23, 2011

Promenade, Contemporary Abstract Painting, Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 12" x 12" canvas panel
Original Available, here

I'm sorry I haven't written much lately... a new goal of mine is to work on my blog and write more.  So here it is.... first of all I hope you enjoy the painting!!

I've been reading a book lately in preparation for an art teaching position that I have accepted for next fall.  I will be working at a homeschool co-op on Monday afternoons.  This will be my first classroom situation since having resigned as a public school teacher three years ago.  Actually, never thought I would be interested again in this sort of a position but in all honestly I was attracted to the thought of not grading and working with students that have been taught respect.  I do feel like this is the right move for me and I am excited about it.  

So, I picked up this book that caught my interest and it has been feeding right into thoughts and questions that I have had over the years.  One big question that I've always had as a teacher is the creative process itself and how to or if it could really be taught.  This book has been confirming an idea that I've had all long and that is....should art work be graded or assesed.  The grading or assessing of art puts the emphasize on the end product rather than on the process which is the most important element to creating.  In other words, it damages creativity which is an intelligent form of thinking that applies to not only the visual arts but across the board to many other areas of education as well.  I am now learning that I need to unteach techniques and rely more on allowing their natural intuitions to flow.  (duh, this is what I use when painting!)  Techniques such as perspective, texture, etc... will naturally be learned if children are allowed to experiment and invent on their own. This has opened up much thinking for me on this topic not only as a teacher, but as an artist as well.  I am looking forward to nurturing the creative process without grades.  If your interested in this topic you might like this book. I believe it is a good read for art teachers, artists and parents.  Check it out...."Kids Play" Igniting Children's Creativity by Michele Cassou. 

....."the creative process couldn't be taught as a technique because it is a living process." Kids Play

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Bren said...

First off, love the new piece. It's so full of light and life and vigour.
Oh I think these kids are going to be blessed to have you as a teacher, and like you I love the ideas behind Michele Cassou's writings. Will be interesting to hear how these concepts play out this fall, I know it is making a difference in how my granddaughters express themselves creatively with me.