Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quadri Four... Modern Contemporary Earth Tone Abstract Painting Elizabeth Chapman

Quadri Four
Acrylic on 12" x 12" canvas panel
Available for purchase from my Web Gallery

This is the last painting of the quadri's.... I am sure I will be back to visiting this color palette again.  I also have a few larger ones (that I absolutely love!)  done in this earth tone palette that will be posted soon.  These have all reminded me of my very first larger abstract I did several years ago.  "Passages" hangs above our couch in the living room and my husband has never allowed me to sell it.  It is his very favorite painting of mine.  As I gained my confidence,  I began following my instincts and playing with color... to the point of all out color!!  I love color... but  I have found that it can become too much at times and then a break is needed. A cleaning of the palette, so to speak.  Working in the earth tone series gives me that break.  I say all this in case your wondering... why the change?  If you have followed my work I am sure you have noticed the randomness.  I also enjoy painting with a palette knife. I love playing, experimenting and living in the creative realm.  Will I ever have a signature style? ... I am beginning to think...maybe not, but I love painting and hopefully that spirit will bring joy to others. 

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