Thursday, April 1, 2010

A New Update on "A Beautiful Mess" ......

Some say we are very much like, yet we work in two distinct styles.  I am very proud of this gal, she is my daughter Elsie Flannigan.  If you haven't already check out her blog "A Beautiful Mess" and would like to, click here.  Elsie also has a website, "RVA Art" in which she sells original art and handmade craft items.  Each month she does an update and has got one going on right now which started at midnight last night.
This time there is an online class creating an art journal in which you are "Telling Your Own Story".  Fun, Fun, Fun... and more fun! Check it out, here.   Elsie has so graciously posted these two paintings "One Love" and "Which Way" on her update, and can now be purchased from her, being found in  the original art category.

While we are on the subject, an other must to check out are the blogs of "From Scratch", click here,  our daughter Emma, who I am also extremely proud of... has a vegan cooking blog.    AND.... lastly, but certainly not least the CUTEST pictures of our grand daughter Penelope can be seen on our son's (Doren) girlfriend (Sarah's) blog "Sweetness Nest", click  here.   Very proud of all of them! XOXO

O.k enough said... hope you get a chance to check these out!

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