Monday, December 14, 2009

"Love Frenzy" .... Contemporary Expressionistic Abstract Painting by ELizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 11" x 14" canvas (3/4"), painted sides

This is "Love Frenzy" the second painting in the new "heart series".  The color palette that I had intended to use was more in line with the earth tones that I have been using lately.  I was going to experiment with some blues and browns that I have been observing here in the outdoors of the Ozarks during the winter months.  BUT, I think that is going to come out on a large canvas that is prepared with an underpainting of Sienna and waiting on the easel. hm.. maybe there's the title of that one! "Sienna"...  we will see.
.....anyway, as I got into this color began emerging and so I went with it.  In the end, it reminded of another favorite painting that you can see by clicking here.  "Color Frenzy" recently sold through Hawthorn Galleries to a collector in Colorado.  ..... and if you are reading my blog I would like for you to know that I THANK YOU! very much , and I hope that it is enjoyed as much as I enjoyed creating it!

I am very excited about new large canvases that are coming in- today!! and my color paints are stocked!!
I am providing opportunities to purchase my paintings as they are completed on my blog most usually through pay pal. They can also be found by going to my web gallery, although the majority of the larger ones have been sold, my intent is to begin to restock this gallery.  I can also be contacted through email if a different arrangement needs to be made..... AND I am available for special orders!!  Enjoy!


Manon said...

Oooh Elizabeth!! Seems like we're both in a *heart frenzy*.... I love yours!!
Getting new canvases is so exciting!! I'm like a kid in a candy store when I go to Blick's!!

Laurie Justus Pace said...

Love your hearts! I started some also two weeks ago to start posting in Mid January! Don't be surprised... lots of artist paint them for Valentines!

These are wonderful.... as always. L