Sunday, November 29, 2009

....empty nest

"Set Free"
Acrylic on 28" x 22" canvas

My studio has been emptied out and all of my babies are gone.... Friday I took fourteen NEW pieces that will be featured in the December show along with what was previously there.  I am so very thankful to be working with Hawthorn Galleries here in my hometown of Springfield, Missouri. .... and so this week I thought I would do a daily feature    of these new works.  These are high quality contemporary fine art abstracts that can be purchased at a VERY reasonable, affordable price. Opening night will be this Friday Night (Dec. 2nd).  If interested in any of these pieces, the person to contact is Kylee who is absolutely wonderful to work with and would be happy to help you with the purchasing/shipping.  Kylee may be contacted by clicking here.  So.... once again... it's the empty nest!  ... and time to start painting a new body of work!! ....pressing on!

Daily Abstract Painter Elizabeth Chapman


Sheila said...

How fun! Empty nest is such a wonderful metaphor. Your babies have flown to go to other homes. This painting is like a celebration itself!

Jack said...