Monday, October 12, 2009

'Equipoise' Modern Contemporary Abstract Painting


Modern Contemporary 
Acrylic on 30" x 40" (1.5) canvas

To commission contact: Elizabeth

"Equipoise is one of my latest paintings that has also just recently sold.  It wasn't on our revolving wall for very long!  I had the privilege to meet and be in the home of the new owners of this painting.  It turned out to be the perfect fit for their living room. Thank you so much Deborah and David!!!

This painting has lots of texture, which unfortunately can not be seen all so well in the photograph.  Another painting very similar to this one is 'Concentre' (view in my web gallery) and can be purchased by contacting Kylee at Hawthorns Gallery.

Daily Abstract Painter
Women Artists of the Midwest
Elizabeth Chapman

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Brooklyn said...

Beautiful as always!

YAY!! I just got your post on my blog- what a GREAT ending to a rainy day!!!!! I'm not sure what all you need, but I did want to reply to your post. Thank you soooo much.