Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Studio Tour

As promised here is a little tour of the work we've been doing in two of the upstair rooms. Emma's old room was redone in to a guest room. Three of the walls are this teal color with one wall and closet burnt orange to go with a very colorful bedspread. I wanted the room to have our children's art work in it. This first pic is a painting Emma did when she remodeled her room in high school. It was a painting that made her feel very happy. The second pic is a print that Elsie gave me for Christmas and the last pic is an octopus that Doren made when he was in highschool. Sorry, for so little show of the room, but with Doren now living in it as we get the basement ready, it's kind of messy!

My Studio
I have moved from the downstairs to this upstairs room (Doren's old room). The downstairs basement area is being remodeled for Doren, Sarah and baby Penelope Bloom. It will be home for them as they continue their educations and we will be able to help them as needed. After having taking a week off, we are now beginning on that work.

This is the easel that I usually work on with the large canvases. I have been procrastinating so badly on this. As you can see there is a blank canvas waiting for me, (it's been there for a few weeks) but the ideas for it have been running through my head. Just need to start...... and then it will begin to unfold. For now, I've just been trying to get use to that new space.
THis studio is so neat and orderly. I actually now have an office area. The carpeting was covered with a canvas drop cloth to save the carpet from paint stains. Usually, that will just be around the easel area.
A calendar that Emma sent me is on the wall. It has a posed picture of LOve LOve for each month. I absolutely love it!!
The bulletin board is not yet filled. For starters there is artwork from Elsie, Emma and Doren.
A bookshelf with favorite photos! The kids again!
and here is my most loyal friend, Gigi- The kids gave her to me several years ago for Mother's Day! She has her own special spot in my studio!
Supplies have their place in the closet. The doors were taken off, making it easier to get stuff out.
This is an art table that I like to use when standing up working on a flat piece. It also slants, making it easier to control drips. The lights that are on it are presently being installed, so I'll have some night lights to work with.
I love all the natural light that I get during the daytime. This room has two large windows, whereas I only had one little small one in the basement room. I painted the table with chalkboard paint (stole the idea from Elsie) and underneath are storage shelves that Donnie built for me. This table has actually, thank goodness, gotten a bit messier and more workable as more stuff comes out.
And this is usually how I work on the smaller acrylic pieces. Paint is used straight from the tube, and any mixing is on a foam plate or on the work itself.
Hopefully, you have enjoyed this little tour!.... and I hopefully I can stop the procrastinating and get back to seriously working! Let the creative flow begin.....

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