Saturday, January 24, 2009


We got high speed yesterday!! It's so awesome to be able to load photographs and download without waiting days! These are a few more abstracts from this week. I'm still working myself around the studio. The first day was play day. I laid all these canvases out on the tables, put some music on, cup of coffee, paint brushes and paint on hand, buckets of water, lots of towels and just went through and put down whatever on the canvases. That was fun! Then came the challenge of going back through and making something out of all these messes. I've posted six of these from this week, but still have many more to resolve.

Titles. Some of these come to me as I'm working, some later, some much, much later, some never come to me and it will be other peoples ideas for a title that click. I always think the titles are a lot of fun, and many times they'll be stories as to how the title came to be. I also think the titles are as much a part of the art as the work itself, so they are also very important to me.

I've kind of had some ideas for these, but not anything that is really standing out to me. If you would like to post a title on any of these abstracts- I would love to hear of them!


K S said...

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Fantastic images. Wow...

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Keep blogging.
Good luck.

Charin said...

These are beautiful!! :)
I know what you mean about people not "getting" abstract work, my husband says that Bob Ross was way better than Picasso :)
I definitely understand that you are capturing emotion and beauty in doing abstract. Very well done!

aniheartsjapan said...

These are beautiful. The last one reminds this pianist of piano's my favorite of the three... Thanks for posting them!

Elaine said...

your art is...brilliant. I love the way it makes me feel when I look at it. Very calm and soothing it seems like.

I think the blue and green one reminds me of the Ocean. Like deep down where the reefs are because there are all these shapes but it still has the cool color feel. "Ocean magic" or something.

the pink one I think should be called "Secrets" because when I look at it I feel like I'm looking into the distance at a pink temple or something. Like a little place hidden away in the sand. It's so intriguing.

I love your art. <3

Pamela M said...

All very beautiful, your art really feeds my Soul, not that I paint!
The top one reminds me of a parrot in a cage with his long red tail feathers hanging down

Anonymous said...

it could just be my age but the bottom one reminds me of
"Grillz" or braces like someone is grinning