Friday, January 9, 2009

So Busy

Image size: 8"x8"

Seems like I have been so busy lately with various things. I took most all of my floral watercolor paintings and am getting them framed for this show, which pretty well left me with just a few for e-bay. So, I've been trying to get caught up. Honestly, also I'm feeling as if I have exhausted my photographs, so I've been re-painting my favorites for e-bay. This one is another one of those, "A Day for Daisies" that I've painted twice. The colors in this are much brighter. Am I anticipating spring?! The other one is in one of my past blogs if you wanted to compare the two. I can't decide if I like one over the other.
Also, lately I've been feeling as if I just want to play! That means I'll be getting into doing some more abstract paintings. Just a few more.... and then time to play! Oh, ya I'll post a few of those when they happen.

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shaina said...

OOOO, love the brightness in this one. :D awesome!