Saturday, January 31, 2009


We were honored to be invited to our daughter Elsie's new store opening "Red Velvet Art". It was so nice to be able to spend some time visiting with family and viewing the store as it is ready to open tomorrow. Sorry, I didn't take my camera- I will let her take the photograph's and post them, but I will say it is soooooooooooooo cute! Holy cute!! Red Velvet is the online store.
I thought I would post something though. This isn't exaactly the photo I had in mind, but it is so Elsie! She designed this costume, and yes the pink hair was her idea too. My little pony was the theme. The photo that I would have like to have had to post, is her when she was six months hold sitting on the floor with a jar of buttons. She would sit there for hours sorting out all of these buttons by colors and size. Yes, only six months old. It was truly amazing. My mother thought I was crazy allowing her to play with these. "She'll choke on those" she would say. But, she never would put them in her mouth.
The amazing thing to me is that if you were to see her studio today, not much has changed. She still loves all those buttlons,
colors, and stuff. Only today instead of calling it sorting, we call it creating. I have countless more stories- that remind me so much of what she does today, for a living!
I am so very proud of her, that it brings tears to my eyes as I am writing this, because I have been given the privilege to see a young child grow up to develop and use those God given talents.

Thanks for the comments on the abstract paintings. I got another idea for a title from them.
I decided to post the abstract painting from yesterday's post "Sewing Frenzy." I had a blogger friend comment that it reminded her of a stack of materials waiting for a pattern to be picked out to be sewn. The black area being the sewing machine. I always love hearing what others see in the abstracts! It really is fun and gives each piece their own story.

I really love this title because it reminded me that as I was growing up I learned to sew from my grandma Lula. She would allow me to go through all her left over materials and make barbie doll clothes, and in the fourth grade she taught me how to use a pattern and make my own clothes.
It was a creative outlet for me, and I loved going to material stores and choosing the material for my home made outfit. Thanks for the comment which reminded of my love for materials!

And then lastly, today I would like to say- continue to encourage one another. It has been so encouraging to me to hear your so kind comments on my blog, and I truly mean that. I've read many of your blogs and have tried to leave a comment- but for some reason it doesn't let me. But give me some time and I will figure it out. Also, today I recieved a comment from an e-bayer, which is where I've been posting and selling my flower paintings, that so encouraged me like you would not believe- and so I would like to say pass it on and let's help and lift each other up!


laura said...

I just want to say what a lovely suppoortive mum you are and ur words nearly brought me to tears to.
I love ur daughters art and craft and she inspires me so much! congratulations on having such a wonderful daughter and congratulations to your daughter for having such a lovely wonderful mum! x lors x

Sandy said...

What a wonderful post and what a wonderful Mom you are. You raised a beautiful talented daughter and we all get to enjoy everything she creates. I thank you for that.

I love your art so I can only assume she got it from you?

And I do agree that we should lift each other up. I try to do that everyday with a kind word or a smile. You never know who may need it.

I'm so very happy for Elsie and her new store. Watching her through the pictures is so much fun. You did a great job.

The picture is great.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful art YOU create! The "apple" (Elsie) sure didn't fall far from the tree.
Your post about Elsie is so beautiful & sweet! Her store - both brick & mortar & online - is awesome. She's such an inspiration to so many of us around the world! I know she's going to be a huge success on Commercial Street & on the web.
Congratulations to you, for raising such a wonderful daughter.

Nina said...

What a nice thought to end your post, encourage eachother...Thank you so much for sharing your art with us, and thank you for raising that little creature that brings inspiration, energy and happiness to people all over the world, you guys are amazing!

Terri said...

What a wonderful mom !

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is amazing! I discovered her blog and art a little over a year ago and she has really inspired me to start painting again. I love her enthusiasm for being an artist and of course her amazing artwork. I remember a LO she did a while back that was about you "she is my hero". It was so moving!

Well done raising such a beautiful and creative daughter!


ally serrato said...

what beautiful words to say about your daughter. she is one amazing girly, you have done an amazing job. congrats mom!! we all *love elsie* and cant ever seem to get enough of her. :-D job well done mama :-D :-D

Anonymous said...

Ooo now I see =) I could say that I´m one of Elsie´s fans. I love how creative she is and I enjoy the love that you can see in everything she creates. You are the mom, you seem a Loving mom... and I can see you are a very creative woman too. I like how you write. May God bless you, you have a beautiful family. Congratulations for being such a great mom and letting your kids be creative and choose the life they want. (some people think that being an artist is a waste of time, or that "it wont give you enough money") keep being creative in your writting and in your paintings... that is love "to go" love that people can take with them home and admire it. Take care. Hugs and blessings for you and your wonderful family =D

Mommy Mac said...

There is much of you in Elsie as I have been following here blog for sometime. This is my first time reading yours, and the similarities are so pleasant to see: your vision to create, your values of being not anything else but who God made you to be, and of course, your passion to be inspired and to inspire.

I am glad to have come across your blog through her.

"When you dream, dream big."

-Ryan Shupe and The Rubber Band

.mac :-)

p.s. Whose dreams are coming true as we speak!

Amber said...

Mrs. Chapman!

This is amber (gaddis) burger. I am IN LOVE with your awesome! Also, I am so proud of Elsie and Rachel What a great day for them! I SOOOO wish i was in springfield!

Great to see your blog!

Gloria said...

I have not met Elsie but I do fallow her blog and it seems to me that you have done an Amazing job raising your kids. She is an extraordinay person...Way to go..

Julie said...

awww such a cute pic !!

I'm a fan of Elsie's I think she is great and now I see where she gets her talent from... I love your paintings!!

margot said...

WOW, i just read this- it's poetry really, beautifully written.
i'm a daily reader of elsie's blog. it's apparent she comes from a supportive family, especially from this post! she's been really inspiring to me, and now i see your work is really beautiful too!!!
anyway, one day i will make the voyage to springfield to go to the store and i want to meet all of you!!!
thanks and keep on' bloggin! :-),margot

Color Splashes said...

To all who have commented,
I have truly enjoyed meeting all of you and feel so inspired by all the wonderful words you have spoken. It brings me great joy to hear of the influence that Elsie's creativity has had on you. I believe each one of you have God given talents to give to others as well, so keep creating and love your families!!

kraftyladyincali said...

Wow, now I know where Elsie gets all of her amazing talents from! Your paintings are fantastic!

It brought tears to my eyes seeing your post about red velvet. I dont even know Elsie but she's my favorite scrap artist of all time! So glad she has an amazing mom!

cheri said...

elsie has inspired me and now i see that you have truly inspired her. i met her in paris a while back and she couldn't have been nicer. love the pink hair!