Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daily Painting

O.k here is another painting that I actually did last weekend. It just seems like it's getting busier and busier around here. I've challenged myself to a painting a day, but now I'm thinking this might actually work better as a New Year resolution! Today, I need to work on Christmas presents. Also, I'm working on keeping my blog up each day, which is something new to get use to. I hope to at least get some drawing for new paintings done today. I really love this little painting. We have a few orchids that my husband loves to take care of. These beautiful blooms have lasted as long as five months for us. I've taken several photographs of them. I was attracted to the contrast and the way the flowers and the one budding bloom filled the space. I listed this one on e-bay last night. My username is colorsplashes.

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