Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Friday!

There at times when it seems as if everything is running smoothly and under control and then suddenly it begins to pour. There have been so many changes occur this week as well as many ups and downs emotionally. Just as I was feeling as if I had my time management under control, and was disciplining myself to spend so many hours a week, I've had a week in which I completed only one small painting. So, sorry not much that way, but..., it has been an packed full eventful week.

On Monday, we were asked to become foster parents in a unique situation that had arisen. We were more than happy to accept this responsibility, adding one more to what we thought was becoming our empty nest ! This required many changes, paper work, moving, transferring of schools etc., that needed to be taken care of immediately. After taking care of all these matters, we do feel like we are finally becoming a bit more settled here on Friday.

Tuesday, I had the opportunity to take and show art work of mine to a local gallery in the downtown area. This was a totally new experience for me so I was quite nervous, but felt as if it went quite well. They were quite sure they wanted to take my abstracts and watercolor collages in, but needed to talk to the owner. Thursday, I got a call from Hawthorne's Gallery, the owner was interested! Hawthorne's is a very nice gallery so I'm pretty excited about it, and feeling as if I'm going to enjoy working with them very much. We connected very well-

And so here we are on Friday, which is my husband's birthday! I haven't gotten but one little painting done, and just as I thought I was becoming disciplined it all got blown away this week. Next week, I hope to be back to work on art. God is good and we feel blessed.

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